Organization of your financial affairs

Trust Preperation and Tax Planning

Estate preparation and tax planning are an important component of the wealth management solutions. Addressing these components becomes especially important for those who are married, have children and/or own a business.

Tax efficient investing

Investment management and the returns it brings can only be as affective as the taxation structure beneath it. Impressive returns on investment make for ordinary reading once tax liabilities are considered as part of the bottom line.

We deliver professional advice to make sure your investments are tax efficient so that you not only benefit from the advantages of greater wealth, the liabilities on your loved ones are carefully managed during the wealth distribution process after the time of your passing.

Trust incorporation and management

Incorporating a trust structure to help you control the direction of your wealth is a highly effective vehicle in not only mitigating tax liabilities on investment gains, but in ensuring that your wealth is distributed in accordance with your wishes.

As families grow, children marry and relationships change, your wishes evolve to accommodate your beliefs as you prepare to leave a legacy of worth. We believe that whilst life is unpredictable at times, a flexible trust structure makes sure that your plans are free from the turbulences and effect of lives events.

Located in the heart of one of Asia'a thriving business centers, GS Partners has a long history of providing families with trust incorporation and management services in some of the most tax efficient jurisdictions in the world. Our network extends to Singapore, Tokyo and of course here in Hong Kong.

Benefits of a Trust

Benefits of Trust
  • Strategy And Optimisation consulting
  • Innovations consultant
  • Financial Planning consultant
  • Secured Transactions consultant
  • Strategy And Optimisation consulting
  • Innovations consultant
  • Financial Planning consultant
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Investment Management

Tailored investment management services under a discretionary mandate or dedicated advisory solution.

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Alternative Investments

Alternative investments such as private equity, real estate, and hedge funds have been a preferred investment strategy for many years as institutions and high-net worth investors seek to manage the balance of diversification and return goals. The alternative investment landscape has, in recent years, become more accessible to the private investor as a dramatic shift in investment preferences has created a demand for alternative investment solutions.