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Stewardship framework

GS Partners is committed to the guidance laid out in a stewardship framework that seek to identify investment opportunities whose long-term shareholder value is deeply ingrained into an underlying ethos.

We remain committed to securing the best interests of our clients and thereby insist that the companies, funds and alternative vehicles in which we invest follow a likeminded series of corporate governance practices. The foundation of our stewardship commitment is conceptualized by taking an active approach to the ownership of investment securities.

Core stewardship principles

Materiality Stewardship


In recognizing that poor corporate governance and stewardship presents material risks which can lead to operational performance and company valuation disparities.

Addressing the materiality component ensures that the best interests of corporate management, shareholders and other stakeholders remain central to the efficient execution of strategy.

Voting Stewardship

Active voting

The consideration of proxy voting schedules can have a profound effect on the sustainability of our internal investment processes. By means of proxy, our voting rights maintain our beliefs in a particular investment as we seek to ensure that corporate management and their practices conform with our own beliefs.

Utilizing independent and impartial advice from external sources we are able to build upon established best practices across management boards where our invested position warrants a credible stance on behalf of our clients.

Transparency Stewardship


We believe that our transparent business practices form the backbone of the trust we gain and maintain from our globally dynamic client base.

We work tirelessly to perform in line with client expectations and deliver custom reports on performance management and associated fee structuring.

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