Liquidating private equity positions

Secondary Market Liquidity

What is the Secondary Market?

GS Partners brings extensive expertise to the secondary market as private investors, employees and institutions look to either liquidate or acquire private equity placements. As an alternative form of investment, private equity positions have traditionally been reserved for institutional investors as their illiquid attributes tie up capital for lengthy periods of time.

In an age where the rising population of 'unicorn' companies prefer to maintain their private status, employees and investors holding stock are forced to look for secondary purchasers in order to liquidate their position. The secondary market provides a transparent trading platform for the movement of private equity placements to facilitate trade from one party to another.

Collective Secondary Offerings

Typically, individual small positions are collectively formed before being offered as a larger, single pool.

In more recent years, institutional buyers have become eager to acquire collective pools of private equity holdings and remain prepared to pay a premium on the stock purchase price.

The ever increasing demand of such transactions places the holder of certain private equities in a value-enhanced position as their liquidation returns continue to far exceed those available in more the more traditional primary market place (public equities, bonds etc.).

You and your investment needs

Our investment approach

As an independent provider of investment solutions the success of our firm is heavily correlated with the success of our clients. We believe that investor preferences are beginning to demand a closer attention to their unique circumstance as they seek outcomes more relevant to their predefined investment expectations.

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