Portfolio Design and Management

Active Management Style

Investment portfolios developed and managed around your unique circumstance and needs.

Portfolio design

In consideration of the unique characteristics of each Client Investment Profile (CIP), diversified investment strategies combine asset classes to create a balanced vehicle in anticipation of a projected outcome. Portfolios are designed across a number of platforms in order to preserve or enhance wealth over the long-term.

Asset diversification is determined by location and by sector. Our global reach ensures that a carefully designed portfolio will capitalize on the economic performance of key geographies during different stages of the investment cycle. This approach to exposure helps to mitigate investment risk during periods of distress whilst capitalizing on growth during more favorable times.

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Portfolio management

As proponents of what we term 'contemporary' portfolio theory, portfolios under our management benefit from an active management under a philosophy that prioritizes returns on an absolute basis. Unfortunately, as market volatility increases and economic performance around the world stagnates, buy-and-hold strategies of the past are no longer part of what once was a sure fire process.

Under the current economic climate, with ever-changing conditions, we believe that investors prefer the safety net of frequent returns, irrespective of market conditions. Holding depressed assets in anticipation that over the long-term their values will heal has proven costly for a many number of investors.

For this reason alone, our active management style constantly reviews global macro and micro-economic forces to identify movements that present both opportunities and threats to an optimized portfolio of assets. We maintain the component of flexibility in all portfolios to facilitate a swift rebalancing process as asset allocations navigate the turbulent global markets.

Our Approach
Fixed Income Investments
Your income requirements

Fixed Income

Custom solutions helping you to provide for your income requirements.

Liquidating private equity placements

Secondary Markets

The secondary market provides a transparent trading platform for the movement of private equity placements to facilitate trade from one party to another.

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