Multi-asset Investment Approach

Balanced portfolio design

Whether you are a private investor, a multi-generation family office or responsible for the management of your corporation's financial needs, we believe that the most efficient way to realize your objectives is through a multi-asset investment approach.

In utilizing a multi-asset approach to the portfolio construction and management process, capital is exposed to a much wider range of asset classes, regions and investment styles. Diversification of capital across a broad spectrum of the global investment landscape essentially facilitates a level of participation through a selection of regions and their underlying economies.

Multi-asset investment approach

Combining traditional assets, such as stocks and bonds with an alternative approach to investment promotes balance as asset allocation models seek to mitigate the effects of investment risk whilst generating sufficient returns on an absolute basis.

Our approach to multi-asset investment has always been two fold: To primarily protect the value of assets with a view to capitalize on upside potential.

Specific multi-asset outcomes

The delivery of specific outcomes as a byproduct of a tailored multi-asset solution is central to the service we offer. Knowing that your needs and objectives are determined by your unique circumstances, we work to incorporate highly specific attributes into a true multi-asset solution to accommodate your requirements as part of an ongoing portfolio strategy.

As part of a diversified portfolio, multi-asset vehicles may place an emphasis on aggressive growth, focus on income generation, or consider tax implications on cross-border gains. Irrespective of your specific requirements, GS Partners will help you to determine the best course based on our approach to the development of a true multi-asset solution.

  • Strategic asset allocation focused on investor specific outcomes
  • Targeted exposure developed through global access to asset classes, themes and management styles
  • Active portfolio management, frequently monitored and balanced to maintain portfolio direction
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