Investment Philosophy

Value-driven investment philosophy

Investment Philosophy

A value-driven investment philosophy that focuses on the financial well-being of our dynamic clients through the provision of returns on an absolute basis.

Our philosophy is based on the delivery of specific and meaningful outcomes for each client under our care. To achieve this, we take what is important to our clients, ensuring that their short-term requirements are met, before creating a vision of the future through a carefully crafted investment plan that seeks to realize and maintain a chosen lifestyle.

GS Partners's provides custom investment management solutions in consideration of client-specific wishes and goals. We maintain our own beliefs and set great store on the value we create by remaining true to the underlying philosophies that continue to serve a dynamic, global client base.

Risk-adjusted performance

Above average investment performance is not our primary goal, but rather our pursuit of superior performance with less than commensurate risk. We believe that the real test of a manager's skill is in their ability to successfully navigate markets during extended periods of turbulence and volatility.

In our pursuit of risk-adjusted performance, we follow a disciplined investment process that leverages upon our extensive experience and contemporary market insights. Technical analysis and practical know-how combine to deliver informed insights on every decision we make throughout each investment process.

Market efficiencies

Knowing that manager skill and persistence leads to a knowledge advantage, we are committed to the application of resources as we seek to identify market inefficiencies to uncover value for our clients.

As value investors, we believe that efficient markets present less than acceptable levels of value as vast numbers of participants share equal assess to available information. Under efficient conditions, valuations typically exceed levels that make reasonable sense to us.

In essence, efficient markets force investors to pay inflated prices. We believe that in paying above the intrinsic value of an asset, investors expose their capital to higher levels of risk and forfeit comparable rewards for doing so.

Specialization investment style

We take a specialist approach to portfolio management. Rather than dilute portfolio efficiency with a range of styles, we believe that targeted diversification presents our clients with the surest path to the realization of their goals.

Contrary to the common beliefs underpinning Modern Portfolio Theory, we believe that true diversification is an ever evolving process that demands a targeted focus on investor preferences and specific return profiles. As such, we seek to deliver investment returns on an absolute basis to help eliminate the negative effects of underperforming asset classes, sectors or regions.

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What to Expect

The Client Experience

A best-in-class investment experience based on performance and service standards.

GS Partners is an independent registered investment advisory. Our independent status dictates that the success of our firm is heavily correlated with the success of our clients.

To support this claim, we operate on a fee-only basis and maintain a philosophy that prioritizes returns on an absolute basis.

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  • The Client Experience

    A best-in-class investment experience based on performance and service standards.

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  • Performance & reporting

    As our client you are provided with direct and unrestricted access to a dedicated investment specialist.

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  • Stewardship

    The foundation of our stewardship commitment is conceptualized by taking an active approach to the ownership of investment securities.

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  • Become Our CLient

    In becoming a GS Partners client, our experienced professionals help you to discover the "why" behind your choices, the"what" your financial future holds, and the "how" you will realize your lifestyle aspirations.

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