A telleing legacy

Estate Planning

Preparing your estate so your loved ones and wishes become the sole beneficiaries of your wealth.

Leaving a Legacy of Worth

Inheritance tax is often dismissed as a compulsory levy that the beneficiaries of wealth endure during the estate distribution process. Whilst tax liabilities are placed by governments for good reason, strategies exist to limit liabilities and should therefore be considered as part of a holistic wealth management solution.

At GS Partners, we have a long history in advising clients on their taxation issues. We utilize the benefits presented by trust structures as a way of minimizing tax liabilities both during and after death. Our dedicated tax specialists and trust lawyers are able to help you determine the best course of action as you seek to maintain a lifestyle of comfort whilst preparing to leave a legacy of worth for your loved ones.

Addressed during the earliest possible stages in life, efficient estate plans often have a profound effect on the mitigation of tax. Distribution schedules timely formed as part of an investment trust are typically utilized as a legal way to circumvent inheritance tax exposure.

As such, the beneficiaries of your wealth experience a much fuller legacy experience, an experience that you are able to witness whilst continuing to fulfill your life on earth. Needless to say, such an experience is perhaps the most rewarding part of the wealth management process.

You and your investment needs

Our investment approach

As an independent provider of investment solutions the success of our firm is heavily correlated with the success of our clients. We believe that investor preferences are beginning to demand a closer attention to their unique circumstance as they seek outcomes more relevant to their predefined investment expectations.