Equity Investment and Research

Equity Investment and Research

Our equity investment solutions are driven by the expertise of our global specialist teams. Our capabilities expand throughout global markets and sectors as we seek to identify value-enhancing themes in order to meet the evolving needs of our dynamic client base.

Leverage upon the best of our capabilities

Our equity investment solutions are created around you and your needs. Our capabilities extend beyond traditional equity offering as we work with you to deliver a flexible, customized solution.

  • Access to global, regional and country specific strategies to diversify assets as you seek to balance your risk/return profile
  • Uncover value-driven opportunities for short-term and long-term positioning to facilitate growth
  • Combine large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap equity strategies to optimize the allocation process
  • Secular, thematic and alternative investment strategies

Discretionary portfolio solutions

Actively managed, discretionary portfolios leverage upon the growth potential of a carefully crafted equity allocation policy. Individual allocation policies are developed around client-specific needs and form the foundations of portfolio structure under a predetermined range of outcomes.

Investment advisory services

For those who wish to take a more active approach to the management of their investment portfolio, our investment advisory solutions provide a comprehensive insight into a world of contemporary research to uncover market trends and their likely implications.

Working as client and adviser, strategies are created in pursuit of a range of preferred outcomes. Your dedicated adviser is charged with the responsibility to keep you informed of events that could potentially change the course of strategic direction. Opportunity discussions, balance optimization and allocation recommendations form the part of a service that is ultimately controlled by you. We provide the information, you make the final decision on how you would like your assets to be positioned.

Our Capabilities
Trust and Tax Preperation Services
Essential preparation

Trust and Tax

Addressing you estate and tax concerns - both critical aspects of a comprehensive wealth solution.

You and your investment needs

Our investment approach

As an independent provider of investment solutions the success of our firm is heavily correlated with the success of our clients. We believe that investor preferences are beginning to demand a closer attention to their unique circumstance as they seek outcomes more relevant to their predefined investment expectations.

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