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What are alternative investments?

Alternative investments such as private equity, real estate, and hedge funds have been a preferred investment strategy for many years as institutions and high-net worth investors seek to manage the balance of diversification and return goals.

The alternative investment landscape has, in recent years, become more accessible to the private investor as a dramatic shift in investment preferences has created a demand for alternative investment solutions.

In meeting this demand, alternative investments, which have typically traded within gray area markets, have undertaken a transformation of their own to capitalize on the rapidly emerging private investor segment.

Changes to the way alternative funds are regulated and improved levels of vehicle transparency have increased investor confidence to make the alternative market place an attractive asset class as investors pursue forms of return that do not correlate to traditional investment classes.

Why invest in alternatives??

Alternative investments have the strong potential to perform in virtually any market environment. Combined with traditional assets as part of a diversified portfolio, alternative investments improve the overall balance, and both the short/long-term return profile.

  • Low correlation - Investors faced with increasing levels of volatility are being forced into taking on equity risk beyond a comfortable degree of tolerance. Alternative provide more balance as they share low levels of correlation to assets typically deemed traditional.
  • Portfolio diversification - Portfolio diversification and the asset allocation mix have taken on new levels of complexity. Simply adding real estate and commodity diversifiers as part of a diversified portfolio caused investors to withstand significant losses during the 2000 Tech Wreck and the 2008 Credit Crisis.
  • Mitigating risk - Adjusting risk for an acceptable level of investor return with an alternative approach over that of a more traditional strategy has historically performed better over the course of a number of market cycles.
Spanning the Risk/Reward Spectrum

Alternative Investment Strategies

The terms 'alternatives' can have a very broad meaning. At GS Partners we adhere to a criteria that prioritize the attributes of liquidity, flexibility and the ability to short-sell and profit during periods of market duress..

Managed Alternative Investment Funds
Global-macro Investment Strategies
Long/Short Equity Strategies
Liquidating private equity placements

Secondary Markets

The secondary market provides a transparent trading platform for the movement of private equity placements to facilitate trade from one party to another.

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