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GS Partners was established to offer private investors and institutions with a bespoke approach to management of their assets.

Whether we manage the private wealth of individuals, provide advisory solutions for sophisticated investors, or manage the financial responsibilities subject to institutional investment activities, our aim is to offer each client with the same level of service one would expect from a leading asset manager.

It is of no surprise that under the current economic climate, effective asset management demands a proactive approach, driven by the knowledge and experience of seasoned investment management professionals. As independent asset managers, we leverage upon a network of global financial management specialists in helping us to deliver a fully integrated solution in consideration of investment, tax planning and estate preparation needs.

We deliver our services in alignment of the individual needs of each client as we consolidate investment and wealth management into a truly customized solution.

The GS Partners Difference

Working with you, for you

GS Partners provides alternative investment management solutions to a dynamic client base comprised of private investors, families and institutions.

Exceptional Professionals

Our highly seasoned and experienced professionals are selected on their merits as industry leading experts in their specific field of discipline.

Individually our professionals deliver real world expertise across the entire spectrum of what we believe to the essential components of effective financial management in the current era.

Collectively, our professionals combine to deliver powerful knowledge, instinct driven and application know-how solutions to address the evolving concerns our clients face as they seek to realize their investment objectives.

Independent status

Our advantage is our independence. We view this fiercely guarded status as a critical component in our ability to deliver above and beyond the expectations of each client under our management.

As an independent adviser we listen to our clients and react to their requirements through the delivery of targeted strategies that seek to optimize a custom wealth structure that provides for a lifestyle of choice in the present and into the future.

Our impartial advice remains free from the conflicts typically found in the service offerings of more recognized investment houses, banks and financial institutions. We provide services based purely on what our clients want instead of selling financial products packaged together from a higher power.

Absolute investment returns

Begin flexible to accommodate the dynamic needs of our global client base is where we continue to excel irrespective of market conditions. In pursuit of returns on an absolute basis, clients are presented with benchmark of expectation by which portfolio performance is pegged over a given period of time.

Working closely as client and adviser, performance measures are detailed helping to create a vision of the future in line with expected returns. We believe that since the most recent financial crisis, investor preferences have evolved towards a requirement that demands a closer attention to market movements and an active management style that identifies the potential of emerging threats whilst being sufficiently flexible in order to capitalize on opportunities.

Flexible approach

As an independent provider of investment services and asset management solutions, individual portfolios under our management are designed around client-specific preferences. This means that although our portfolio managers follow a robust portfolio construction process, the allocation of assets from one portfolio to the next are tuned to perform within a predetermined range of parameters.

Integrated wealth management

Making sure that the important matters of your financial life are carefully managed can have a profound effect on your long-term prosperity. Irrespective of what stage in the life cycle you are at, strategically positioning your assets to facilitate growth is often a complex and time consuming process.

Our comprehensive wealth management solutions help you to address the individual components of your financial life as you seek to provide for your day-to-day requirements whilst preparing for a future lifestyle of comfort. Consolidating your investment activities with a tax efficient strategy that seeks to preserve asset value over the long-term, will often deliver a powerful solution as individual components leverage upon the compounding benefits created though an integrated structure.

Client Experience
Client Investment Experience
What to Expect

The Client Experience

A best-in-class investment experience based on performance and service standards.

Investment Management Services
Discretionary and Advisory Services

Investment Management

Tailored investment management services under a discretionary mandate or dedicated advisory solution.

You and your investment needs

Our investment approach

As an independent provider of investment solutions the success of our firm is heavily correlated with the success of our clients. We believe that investor preferences are beginning to demand a closer attention to their unique circumstance as they seek outcomes more relevant to their predefined investment expectations.

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